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Boeng Cabinet

Boeng Cabinet made from 100% recycle teak 100% natural and 100% solid teak. Lengh 600cm (1 wood).Knockdown upper part and bottom part

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TS 148

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Finest Quality handmade sustainable Reclaimed furniture made from recycled teak material, here for our furniture 100% made from recycled teak and reclaimed teak. So, we are not buying log wood from fresh cut of teak trees. We make selection piece by piece from used teak materials as our basics matter for our reclaimed teak products. processing from used materials such as teak materials come from neglected house or disassembled home of former home need more attention and carefully. You could do it yourselves or you ask some companies like us to build your furniture orders from any kind of recycled materials such as recycled teak to build furniture items and furnishings for your home and your furniture stores.The Important Thing is: You have best feeling with care to save this Earth. Be Informs to your partner, your customers to always think about Recycled Wood Material

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