About Ajisaka Baru

Our company

From years of experience we have now comes to the very understanding of preserving our earth.

Since the year of 2003 Ajisaka has been the producer of reclaimed/recycled teak wood furniture, all of our recycle prime grade teak materials are recovered carefully by hand in order to to get all furnitures suitable where ever your location. Our furnitures are refurbished from 100% of recycled teak or reclaimed teak but did not come from 'Joglo,'Limasan'/Pyramid houses which are traditional houses for most inhabitant in Java. Joglo and limasan houses which are relics from our ancient culture with the quality of artwork that has insight virtues as a form of high architectural and philosophical, the most area that need to be preserved and we do not want our culture destroyed by our own hand. It need to be done because it is the very foundation of Javanese culture.

Our team

Ajisaka mostly consist of people who are gather together as one big family. We recruited carpenters that meets our standard of building furnitures from mere scratch. From taken apart old-broken houses, choosing the right reclaimed teak raw material, preparing and puting all parts together in building any single furnitures are watch closely from the very start up untill our customer use them in their daily activities. One thing proven to be true is the craftmanship handmaking of Javanese teak furnitures that makes this bussines still exist today. This bussines IS our life.


Our head office is in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.

Our main warehouse is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.