Product Concept


Our furniture product uses material that comes from broken-down old houses or other sources such as rice barns, school buildings, bridges, cow/buffalo sheds, railway sleepers, ships or other sources that made of teakwood and then to be broken-down as teak component material. These materials are to be used as main material in our furniture production.

The main style or design of our product that we adapt is colonial style, which was a European furniture style in the era of colonialism. To get to know more of this kind of furniture style please visits our sites.

Our furniture products are base mainly on handmade production. In a term of handmade, what we mean is a production process whose done mostly by human (carpenters, craftsmen), all tools can be said in the level of traditional even if it already use electricity (not purely by human power), all furniture production phase also adapted from traditional process in building the furniture (the process still inline with how our ancestors build their furniture as their own utensils), all indirect material we devised are from material that will not harm the environment, and all hardware (handles, keys, hinges, dll) also devised to be made with handmade basis.

We categorize our carpenter's tools as in traditional level because the tools are only the continuation of the same tools as our ancestors used in the past since a long time ago. For example, a jack-plane tool is used to level the surface of a plank, in old ways the tool is made of woods with a steel or iron chisel so it can be plane out on wood to make a smooth and level surface. The tool can be used also to taper down the width of a plank; this can be done by leveling the chisel that will eat-out the wood. Nowadays, a jack-plane is added with some electricity and a small machine modification, we call this tool as hand-planer. The function and utility of this tool is still the same, it still utilized human power (even though, diminished by the small machine and electricity).

Indirect material such as glue and the material use for finishing we devise our best to avoid material that can harm environment. We always first consult to our buyer regarding the application of finishing material to the furniture, if they have a little objection we will search for the subtitle material.

We mainly use hardware such as hinges, handles, etc., that made from brass and was specially ordered from Pati-Juwana, a place for brass craftmen. These craftmen produce their goods also by handmade basis. It make easy for us to order any design to fulfill some buyers demand with special hardware.

For handmade basis furniture production (made by our skilled carpenters with traditional manner), a buyer can afford to order one table with some special design from their end-user without any limitation from minimal order rule. The order can be put anywhere on any going purchase order without the obligation to buy a whole container of special tables.

For us, the design from custom concept will enrich our lines of furniture. And if the owner of the design permit us, we will proudly present them to our other buyers, at least if permited, we can sell them in other country. Reciprocal advantages.

Product Concept Development

For the moment now, we see an opportunity to get our self to furniture market with modern style. We think that minimalist/maximalist style has a prominent future. In the last fair (Iffina 2009), we learn that this kind of style has its own followers and will last at least in three year to come.

The development for modern style will have to adapted to the characteristic of reclaimed teak and its spirit of eco-friendly (green furniture). With the limitation of material sizes along with attempt to reach some competitive prices, we concluded to use laminated and finger-joint system.

For outdoor (garden) teak furniture, we think that we could start to compete in this market, we can afford some competitive prices to produce some tables and chairs full with reclaimed teak material. For now, we still can not talk much for international market of outdoor (garden) teak furniture, but we surely looks forward with our development program. Our own market is starting to wriggle as our dear buyers start to get their eye on reclaimed teak garden (outdoor) furniture.